Podio Market Place

Podio can literally drive your entire business, but when you first get started it can feel like a 'blank canvas'. Knowing the best way to setup Podio for your type of business can be daunting and it might take a while to get setup the right way. Often you just want to get started and enjoy benefits the that Podio can bring to your business!

To help you get started fast, using industry best practises, we've established the PodioZEN MarketPlace with quick-start templates for you to purchase.

The PodioZEN Market Place is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to get started with Podio today.


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High Converting Sales CRM

A simple, easy to use Sales CRM that will streamline your sales process, give you visibility over your pipeline and improve your sales closure rate.

Real Estate Investing

A real estate workspace that will scale up your business to the next level. Set up and grow your business with this template for real estate investors.

Personal Growth

A private Personal Growth workspace that will help you define, track your team members professional development and performance.

Talent Acquisition

An app package designed for the Founder, Business Owner and HR executive with global best practise hiring methodologies in mind.

High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams workspace is a workspace that will help you create a high performing team that will drive your business for you.

Team Campfire

A team workspace that will bring everyone together to share, collaborate and learn. Meet with your team and assess the day using the Campfire App.

Business Strategy Diagnostic

A workspace that gives you a complete checklist of questions that can help you objectively assess the foundations of your business.

Podio Workspace Planner

A workspace that will provide you with a simple framework for planning, building and going 'live' with your Podio workspaces.