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Podio and Google – achieve more

I’ve had a few conversations recently with people who have said ‘I don’t need Podio, I’ve got Google’. What the…!? So, let’s get one thing straight right from the start – we love Google here at PodioZEN. The powerhouse that is Google has revolutionised the way the...

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Introducing the Agency CRM Solution from Bollo Empire

Finally, a CRM designed specifically for marketing, creative and digital agency owners that give you visibility and a feeling of total control over your sales pipeline and client contracts! Never leave an opportunity behind and keep your customer at the centre of your...

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Assigning work in Podio

odio is arguably most well known for is its project management capabilities – and for good reason. There are exactly as many project management philosophies as there are project managers in the world today. Everyone wants to do it THEIR way. Podio not only supports this but encourages it! Learn how. read more